Prospective Students

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Apply to UNC through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Pre-declare your major

Pre-declare "Media and Journalism" as your major.

Maintain your GPA

After you are accepted, you must maintain a 3.1 GPA to enter the MJ-school.

Declare your major

You should have pre-declared "Media and Journalism" as your major. If you would like to transfer after your fourth semester, you must fill out an interdepartmental transfer request.

Maintain your GPA

If you have pre-declared your major and have maintained a 3.1 GPA after your third semester, you will be automatically enrolled in the MJ-school.

Apply to Carolina

Apply to UNC through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Select your major

Select "Media and Journalism" as your intended major.

Minimum GPA

You must have a 3.1 GPA to enter the MJ-school. Once accepted, you'll hear from the MJ-school staff.

Apply to Carolina

Apply to UNC through the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Choose your degree

We offer residential master's and Ph.D. programs and an online Masters of Arts in Technology and Communication (MATC) program.

NOTE: The following specializations apply to undergraduate students who entered UNC prior to Fall 2017

Learn the principles behind advertising campaigns and the theories behind marketing and branding products.

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Scholarships & Awards

The school awards hundreds of scholarships, awards and internships each year.


The school offers a variety courses taught by top instructors.

Career Services

Our full-time, in-house Career Services staff assist students in every aspect of career preparation, offering:

  • Appointments and walk-in hours
  • Help with resumes, cover letters and portfolios
  • Resources for locating internships and entry-level jobs, including Careerolina
  • Targeted workshops throughout the academic year
  • MEJO 393, a one-credit, semester-long internship

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Visit the school

Join us in Chapel Hill for a tour of Carroll Hall, led by the MJ-school Ambassadors and a visit from Charlie Tuggle, senior associate dean for undergraduate studies. MJ-school tours are scheduled so that visitors have the option of enjoying a complete UNC campus tour led by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions either before or after a 30-minute visit to Carroll Hall.

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12:30 PM


Find out how to succeed at the school.

Connect with the MJ-school Ambassadors.