MJ-school changes curriculum requirements to give students more choice

The UNC School of Media and Journalism has updated its curriculum requirements to give students more choice and flexibility in meeting the school’s graduation requirements. The change is in response to consistent feedback the school has received from students in its annual senior survey.
The school will not accept any requests or appeals to drop one of the courses mentioned below because of these changes. 
  • Students majoring in media and journalism are no longer required to complete the following specific courses: HIST 128, ECON 101 and POLI 100. They are still required to fulfill the University’s general education requirements in Historical Analysis and Social Sciences – but they may choose from the variety of courses the University offers to fulfill those requirements.
  • Students must complete one of the following:  POLI 101, 130, 150, 202 or 203.
  • ECON 101 is still required for the business journalism major.
  • Students still must complete two courses in the Immersions. However, they no longer need to be from the same group. Any two courses from the list of approved Immersion courses will meet the requirement.
  • JOMC 153 is no longer a prerequisite for JOMC 221. It is now recommended that students take these two courses together.
If you are a student who is officially enrolled as a major in the School of Media and Journalism, please contact school’s student services team with any questions. The school’s student services staff are available year-round in their first-floor Carroll Hall offices during walk-in hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 
If you are a pre-major or not yet officially enrolled in the School of Media and Journalism, please utilize UNC Academic Advising via their drop-in hours for quick 5-minute questions. For more extensive course-planning questions for UNC Academic Advising, please schedule an appointment.