MJ-school Student Networking Trips


The MJ-school is committed to exposing our students to life in major media markets. During the fall and spring semesters, selected students participate in networking trips to Raleigh, New York City, Washington, D.C., Charlotte and San Francisco/Silicon Valley.

These students meet in small groups with alumni and others working in media and journalism fields and are exposed to the school’s vast network at receptions with alumni and friends.

The trips give students the opportunity to learn from alumni and make connections in their career fields that can help them secure jobs and internships in the future.

Among media and journalism outlets previously visited by students: The New York Times; CNN; Fox News; Edelman; Google; Facebook; Sierra Club; Mashable; FleishmanHillard; BBDO; PopSugar; Goop; BooneOakley; Bank of America; Charlotte Agenda; and Cohn & Wolfe.


Frequently Asked Questions

From students:

A: Yes! To be selected, students must already be admitted into the MJ-school. Both undergraduate and graduate MJ-school students are welcome to apply.

A: Students are responsible for their transportation to and from the destination city, as well as ground transportation and meal expenses throughout the trip. The school covers the cost of the students' hotel but not any parking fees.

A: Students are responsible for their own transportation and dining expenses, as well as any optional activities in the city that may cost money. Students can expect to spend about $100 to $200 of their own money during the trip, depending on the location of the trip.

A: We suggest business attire. Men should wear sport coats — or shirts and ties — with dress pants and dress shoes. Women should wear dresses, skirts or dress pants with nice tops, and dress shoes. Please plan to bring a pair of comfortable shoes if your dress shoes are not made for walking because participants often walk between appointments. No jeans.

A: No. The meetings are for networking and educational purposes only. That said, our alumni regularly contact the school about hiring recent graduates and often ask students for resumes during the meetings. It is important to be prepared with work samples and resumes, just in case.

A: The school books double-occupancy hotel rooms in the center of the city we are visiting. Locations are chosen to provide easy access to meeting locations.

The school covers the hotel costs for two nights. Students are free to make their own accommodations to stay beyond those days to sight-see, shop, visit family and friends or schedule other meetings.


From alumni:

A: Meetings will be with a smaller group of several students, generally no more than 10-12 students.

A: It depends on your time constraints. The goal is for the students to learn something about what you do, and talk with you about life as a UNC graduate in the professional world and as a resident in an urban environment. Meetings can be as formal or informal as you make them. Some alumni will give facility tours or even presentations to students, and others will meet for an informal conversation over coffee or lunch.

A: It could be beneficial for students to meet with a range of people in your office. Some companies have students meet with several employees to demonstrate the different ways students can employ their skills after graduation. If a non-alumni colleague or company is interested in hiring UNC graduates, we are happy to include them in the itinerary.

A: Yes! We want students to meet with alumni at different career levels. Young alumni are especially helpful in advising students about how to live and work in a big city and climb the career ladder. Your recent experiences are invaluable for students about to break into the industry.

A: Come to our alumni reception! The regional alumni networking events — held while networking trip students are in the area — are an informal atmosphere for alumni and students to mingle and network. If you are unable to make the reception but still want to talk with students, we are happy to arrange phone calls before or after the trip. We have also arranged breakfast, coffee and other less formal meetings between students and alumni pending availability.
Click here to learn more about the regional alumni networking events


Application process

Please monitor the MJ Career Services email listserv and the MJ-school weekly student newsletter for information about the application deadlines.


For more information

Please contact Director of Career Services Jay Eubank at jeubank@email.unc.edu.