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Identity guidelines

The UNC School of Media and Journalism

Make the second reference the school or the MJ-school. “MJ” is uppercase, followed by a hyphen and a lowercase “s” in “school.” Colloquially, the school may be referred to as the J-school. Do not reverse the title to “Media and Journalism School” when referring to this unit of UNC-Chapel Hill.

As of Fall 2016, course listings switched from “JOMC” to “MEJO.” Course names and internal administrative listings provided by the University are the only appropriate references for “MEJO.”

Undergraduate students major in media and journalism (lowercase) but receive a B.A. in Media and Journalism. Business journalism graduates earn a B.A. in Business Journalism. Graduate degrees conferred are an M.A. in Media and Communication, an M.A. in Digital Communication and a Ph.D. in Media and Communication. The school also offers one graduate-level certificate program in which graduates earn a Certificate in Digital Communication.

With the rebranding on July 1, 2015, the MJ-school adopted the new tagline, Start Here / Never Stop. The tagline is written Start Here / Never Stop (uppercase, no quotations, no periods, spaces around the slash to reflect the brand logo.) Example: Start Here / Never Stop Seminar; Start Here / Never Stop Campaign.

Adhering to the following color reproduction guidelines will help in creating a consistent image and maintaining the impact of UNC's and the MJ-school's visual identities.

For more information, please see the UNC branding and visual identity guidelines.


Carolina Blue | PMS® 542 | CMYK 60, 19, 1, 4

MJ Orange | CMYK 0, 45, 95, 0

MJ Green | CMYK 47, 0, 94, 0

MJ Pink | CMYK 0, 80, 35, 0

MJ Teal | CMYK 69, 0, 16, 5


Carolina Blue | Hex #4b9cd3 | RGB 75, 156, 211

MJ Orange | Hex #ffa02f | RGB 255, 160, 47

MJ Green | Hex #92d400 | RGB 146, 212, 0

MJ Pink | Hex #ec4371 | RGB 236, 67, 113

MJ Teal | Hex #1ab6cb | RGB 26, 182, 203

Click here to download the MJ-school color palette (print and web)

In 2017, the University adopted a new policy for web accessibility. Follow these color guidelines to ensure your website meets WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards. The University is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment that includes making its digital resources and services accessible to all users.

The University’s goal is to provide proactive compliance with obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

For more information and resources regarding accessibility, visit digitalaccess.unc.edu.

MJ-school social media accounts


UNC School of Media and Journalism page
UNC MJ-school Graduate Studies page
Media and Journalism Alumni Association (MJAA) group






UNC School of Media and Journalism page
Media and Journalism Alumni Association (MJAA) group


UNC MJ-school page




LinkedIn style for employees

Please ensure the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile successfully connects to the UNC School of Media and Journalism as its Company. When done correctly, the MJ-school LinkedIn page logo will appear next to that position listing and you will be officially listed as one an employee.

LinkedIn style for alumni and current students

To be listed as both an MJ-school graduate and a UNC graduate, alumni and students need to have double entries in the Education section. These double entries are normal across LinkedIn profiles and are necessary for universities to have accurate listing. Please make sure you have both an entry for UNC-Chapel Hill and an entry for the MJ-school. (Business journalism grads would be encouraged to have three entries — UNC, MJ, KFBS.)

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Updated May 2019

Publicity Request Form

Please submit all requests using this form for MJ-school communications and publicity support for our weekly student newsletter, monthly alumni newsletter, social media, lobby screens and website news. A one-week lead-time is appreciated so we can plan accordingly. 



Information for the weekly Dean’s Update should be sent directly to susanking@unc.edu.

Research/Creative Submission Form

This form was created to help the graduate department and Park Library keep track of creative or professional content or research you are currently working on or have recently completed, or to let us know about the outstanding work of one or more of your colleagues.


MJ Career Services

MJ Career Services welcomes inquiries from employers seeking MJ-school students and alumni for internships, jobs and other opportunities. Email mjcareers@unc.edu with a brief description of the opportunity and how-to-apply information. You can also tweet @UNCMJcareers.



UNC Digital Access Issue Report

If you cannot access content or use features on any UNC-Chapel Hill website because you believe they are inaccessible to individuals with disabilities or a chronic medical condition, you are invited to use this form to make us aware of the difficulties you have experienced or to share comments or suggestions on digital accessibility improvements.