Mental Health TV Reports

Reports about medical issues produced by the UNC Medical & Science Journalism Program and broadcast on UNC-TV, the statewide public television network.


More than 350,000 people in North Carolina suffer from depression. This segment profiles a Catholic priest dealing with depression.


Producer — Dotty Hardee; associate producer — Ana Validzic; script writer — Leigh Skinner.


Researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill are studying the possible benefits of early treatment for schizophrenia.


Award LogoProducer — Sandra Jacobi; associate producer — Christine Elliott; script writers — Matthew Levchuk, Dana Rosengard.



Freedom House, a rehabilitation house for alcoholics, serves many long-time addicts.

 Award LogoProducer — Katie Macdonald; associate producers — Will Spicer, Brian Strong; script writer — Michele Blevins.