Real estate information State-by-state index of real estate records. After you click on the state you want, the site takes you to a county listing, which then takes you to the local property ownership database. Invaluable for finding the appraised tax value of a home. This site has access to free property transactions across the country as well as plenty of other public records. Site of the National Association of Realtors. Helps locate homes for sale across the country based on price and other factors, and offers a mortgage lending comparison tool. The National Association of Home Builders has some interesting statistics on the industry under economics and housing data in the “Resources” tab. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development home page that has reports on topics such as minority home ownership. Provides data from a variety of surveys, including the American Housing Survey, HUD median family income limits, as well as data from research initiatives on topics such as housing discrimination, the HUD-insured multifamily housing stock and the public housing population. It has great information for low-income housing stories. This site offers searches to look at the sale of homes on a particular street or range of addresses, previous sale prices of specific houses and a way to compare all homes sold in a certain area for a specific price range. Not all U.S. counties are included in this free service. A site that allows a reporter to compare home values for an entire neighborhood or street. The Center for Urban Public Research is recognized for its research on affordable housing, land use policy, the arts and cultural policy, development impact analysis, the costs of sprawl, transportation information systems, environmental impacts and community economic development. Go here to see their research on these topics.