Personal finance The National Coalition on Health Care site has great information about the rising cost of health care and is non-partisan. It represents groups that encompass 150 million Americans. The Employee Benefit Research Institute has lots of research available about employee benefit topics such as 401(k) plans. It does not lobby or advocate for any proposals. Unbiased information about retirement plans. This site has great information about enforcement action and backgrounds on different retirement-related topics. The Urban Institute has information on disability coverage, Social Security and other issues. The site that allows consumers to request a free credit file disclosure once every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies. Everything a consumer needs to know about establishing credit. In fact, bank has tons of great information to get a business reporter up to speed about personal finance issues. Helps a business reporter understand credit cards, credit reports and fraud. Another great article that helps a business reporter understand credit card terms. The Association of Progressive Rental Organizations, the rent-to-own industry. The industry has come under criticism in the past for charging exorbitant interest rates. Media backgrounder on rent-to-own from the Public Interest Research Group. Guidelines for payday lenders from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Has answers to basic mortgage questions and an affordability calculator. It can be a handy resource for personal finance reporters writing about the housing market. Search mortgage rates in your area.  Find and compare interest rates and mortgage home loans. American Association of Individual Investors, a nonprofit organization.  Stock investing to financial planning and retirement funding. News and information from the American Association of Retired Persons about personal finance, including a retirement calculator and articles.