Industry and sector information News and information about the agriculture industry. Has links to specific agriculture news sources. Home site of the American Hospital Association. Also has links to state, regional and metropolitan hospital organizations. Also lots of good background statistics and information on the hospital industry, as well as a hospital locator function. American Medical Association’s web page. Click on “patients” near the top of the home page, and there’s a search engine to find doctors throughout the country by name and specialty. American Society of Association Executives. Search through more than 6,500 different industry associations and organizations here. The home page of the American Bankers Association. The main site is divided nicely into a number of different industry-related issues ranging from agriculture credit to trust departments. Use this search engine to find out how much a company has been paying lobbyists to take state and federal lawmakers out to dinner to schmooze them. The Minority Business Development Agency, which helps minority business owners. The MBDA has regional directors that could be useful sources located in major cities throughout the country. The National Federation of Independent Business lobbies for small businesses around the country. Its website has a link to find out what it’s working on in every state in the country. The National Retail Federation looks after the interests of the country’s retailers. It also does surveys on consumer spending habits for certain events such as Father’s Day that are posted here. Good place to go to compare interest rates in your state to the rest of the country. At the top of the page there’s a way to select a state. After you’ve done that, select the product, such as an auto loan or a mortgage loan. Links to state associations of medical board examiners. Many of these state boards have online directories that will allow you to see if a doctor’s license is up to date or has expired. Site run by the Detroit Free Press that covers the auto industry. If you are not in Detroit and need a quick run¬down on the auto business, this is the place to go. Database for airplane ownership. Click on “Databases” at the top of the page. Then find out if a company you cover owns a fleet of jets to transport its executives across the country. Home page for the American Petroleum Institute. The “Testimony/Comments” section has Congressional testimony. To get to the “Testimony/Comments” section, click on “Newsroom” on the left side of the homepage. Nielsen provides market research, information, analysis and insights to the consumer products and service industries. The reports are not free, and they can be quite expensive. Sometimes a company will provide the market share data for its industry. The National Restaurant Association has some nice free industry reports under its “Industry Research” header near the top left of the home page. There are also state statistics on number of locations, employees, sales and sales growth available in the same location. Private company that tracks the real estate investment trust business, banking, financial services, insurance and energy. Its publications aren’t free, but it has analysts who aren’t tied to companies through investment banking fees willing to talk. Website operated by the Small Business Administration for women business owners. Good information if you’re writing about a business owned by a woman.!’s directory of professional organizations, ranging from accountants to unions. This is a comprehensive guide to industry organizations.