Internships for credit

MEJO 393: Mass Communication Practicum is the School of Media and Journalism’s internship-for-credit course. It is a 1 credit hour, pass/fail course offered in fall and spring semesters and the 2nd session of summer school. To enroll, students must be already admitted to the School of Media and Journalism. Students must also have completed MEJO 153.

Students may enroll in the course via ConnectCarolina.

Students in MEJO 393 arrange their own internships; the internship must be communications-related, such as in advertising, public relations, television, graphics, reporting and editing. The 1 hour credit does not count towards the minimum MEJO credits required for graduation.

During the fall and spring semesters, students must work at least 8 hours per week. During summer internships, students must work at least 15 hours per week for 8 weeks. Working hours are to be set by the employer and the student. Students who enroll in MEJO 393 are expected to complete their internships; failure to do so reflects badly on the student and the School.

MEJO 393 does not meet physically as a class. The course does fulfill the university’s experiential education requirement.

To receive a Pass for MEJO 393, students are required to:

  1. Complete an online survey prior to the start of the internship to detail basic information about the internship, rate various skill levels and provide expectations prior to starting the work experience. This survey will be shared with the students’ internship supervisors in order to facilitate an optimal internship experience.
  2. Complete a similar online survey at the conclusion of the internship, which will include information about what the student has learned/accomplished in the internship as well as ratings of various skill levels.
  3. Ensure that their internship supervisor completes an online survey evaluating students’ skills and accomplishments during the internship. This survey will be shared with students in order to provide constructive feedback on their performance as interns.

Students with questions about receiving credit for an internship should contact the school’s career services director, Jay Eubank.