MATC Curriculum

The MATC’s nine courses address subjects that are vital to digital media, journalism, design, and strategic communication. Courses build on one another as students progress through the program as a group, providing a solid foundation of both practical and theoretical skills needed to succeed in the changing communication landscape...

The MATC offers a challenging graduate-level curriculum of emerging theories and applications in technology and communication. Courses are designed to provide students with concepts and skills as well as a thorough grounding in research and critical thinking.

The MATC is a 30-credit program consisting of nine three-credit courses and a three-credit final project (non-traditional thesis). There is a set curriculum, meaning there is a prescribed list of courses that are designed to be taken in order. The MATC has no electives.

Students must complete all requirements for the MATC within the five-year limit required by the Graduate School.

Transfer credit is accepted from the School of Media and Journalism’s Certificate in Technology and Communication only. Certificate students who are admitted to the MATC may transfer credit for JOMC 711: Writing for Digital Media and JOMC 713: Digital Data and Analytics into the degree program. The credit must have been earned within five years of admission to the MATC.