Don and Barbara Curtis Excellence Fund for Extracurricular Activities

NOTE: The Cole Campbell Professional Development Fund and Patricia Miller Moore Award are also administered through the Curtis Fund application process.


The Don and Barbara Curtis Excellence Fund for Extracurricular Activities supports undergraduate majors in the School of Media and Journalism who participate in meaningful out-of-class activities that will help them in their careers. Applications are due and reviewed at the end of each month — August through March — during the academic year.

Any undergraduate major admitted to the school may apply for funding. If an application is selected to receive funding, the amount will depend on the nature of the proposal. No single proposal will receive more than $1,000, but most awards will be less in order to provide funding to as many students as possible. Students cannot receive funding for post-graduation activities.

Activities available for funding include:

  • Registration and travel expenses for media- and journalism-related workshops, conferences, competitions, etc.
  • Working on a major story, documentary or multimedia project that requires travel.
  • Participating in the MJ-school’s networking trips to major U.S. cities to meet and gain insights from alumni.
  • Internships in a media- or journalism-related field. (Please see exclusions below)
  • Non-operating expenses for student organizations housed in the School of Media and Journalism, including CABJ and PRSSA. The organization’s president should submit the application.

Due to donor wishes and limitations on funding available each year, the Curtis Fund does NOT support the following:

  • Class-related expenses, such as travel to London or China for global immersion courses.
  • Post-graduation activities, including internships and conference attendance.
  • Internships in the Triangle-area or in a student’s hometown.
  • Internships not focused on media or journalism.
  • Student organizations whose accounts are not managed by the MJ-school.
  • Equipment purchases.

To apply, MJ-school students must submit an online application. Applications are due and reviewed at the end of each month — August through March — during the academic year. All applicants must be undergraduate majors admitted to the school.  MJ-school minors are not eligible for funding.  Funds are not be provided for applications received after the activity has occurred.





For questions, please contact Louise Spieler, senior associate dean for strategy and administration, at



A: YES. The Curtis Fund can help you afford an internship. If you haven’t secured an internship when applying, that’s OK. Go ahead and apply and tell us about what you hope to do. If awarded funding, you’ll be asked to provide documentation from an employer that a media and journalism-related internship has been secured before your check will be written. The Curtis Fund does not provide funding for Triangle-area internships or internships in a student’s hometown.
A: NO. Due to limited funds, Curtis Funds are not available for post-graduation activities.
A: NO. You must be formally promoted into the MJ-school and be in good standing to receive funds. You may apply beginning with the semester you’re formally recognized as a major.
A: NO. Curtis funds are available for MEJO majors only.
A: NO. Curtis Funds may not be used to support classes, including global immersions to London and China.
A: NO. Due to limited funds, the Curtis Fund doesn’t provide support for cameras or other equipment.