Certificate Course Descriptions

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The courses in the certificate program can be taken in any order. Completion of all three courses fulfills the program requirements. Each course is offered in its own semester, allowing students to take one course at a time and complete the program in one year.

MEJO 711: Writing for Digital Media
New technologies have changed communication, creating new meanings and new media. This course aims to foster effective communication in digital and online environments by studying the audience(s); by examining how different media work, as well as the unique limits and possibilities of these new media; and by learning how to develop content for different formats and environments. (fall)

MEJO 712: Visual Communication and Multimedia
This course provides an in-depth, critical understanding of current visual communication and multimedia storytelling theories and practices.  Students will gain knowledge of the history of visual and multimedia communication in the journalism and mass communication industries by reading and viewing scholarly and professional publications. Students also will examine projects and critique past current media work in these disciplines. A final project will include the creation of an original written article or multimedia presentation that adds to the knowledge base in this area. (spring)

MEJO 713: Digital Data and Analytics
This course explores the fundamental concepts and principles that underlie techniques for extracting useful information and knowledge from digital data. The primary goal of the course is to help you view problems from a data perspective and understand how to systematically analyze such problems. This data-analytic thinking can then be applied in a variety of ways, from data journalism to customer relationship management to data-driven decision-making. (summer)